Dewey, J. (1909). Moral principles in education. Houghton Mifflin.

Summary of the Review: The term “social intelligence” is believed to have been first introduced in the United States by John Dewey in his 1909 book titled Moral Principles in Education. This review briefly discusses the American social and academic contexts at the time of its publication. Afterwards, a short introductory bio on John Dewey is offered. Once the historical context is established, this review discusses the content of his book and eventually relates it to today’s American society.

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Rothstein, R. (2004). Class and schools: Using social, economic, and educational reform to close the black-white achievement gap. New York, NY: Teachers College Press.

First Paragraph from Preface: In this book, Richard Rothstein asks us to view the black-white and low-middle income achievement gaps with a wider lens. His revealing and persuasive analysis of how social class shapes learning outcomes forces us to look at the differences in learning styles and readiness across students as they enter school for the first time. Further, he prods us to consider the influence of income, health, safety and other gaps affecting students as they proceed through school. Even the racial and income gaps facing adults play a role, particularly as students look to elders for signs of a payoff to education and sometimes find the evidence lacking. Consequently, according to Rothstein, addresssing the achievement gap requires no less than significant transformation of social and labor policy along with extensive school reform.

Peterson, B. (2005). The African American Student's Guide to Excellence in College. Philadelphia, PA: Chance 22 Publishing.

Back cover: Getting in was the easy part. Getting out is the challenge. This book will show you how. The African American Student's Guide to Excellence is a comprehensive look at what it takes to succeed in college. Written specifically for the African American experience - whether you're attending a historically Black college or a predominantly White institution - The Guide is an essential tool that you will refer to again and again.

Peterson, B. (2010). Higher Learning: Maximizing your college experience. New York, NY. Basic Books, a member of the Perseus Group.

From official website: Higher Learning is the most comprehensive college completion guide available today. Perfect for high schools and college prep programs, as well as college and university orientations and student support efforts, Higher Learning provides a cost-effective and engaging student-centered strategy to improve academic success and graduation rates..